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Marriage 2.0: How to Create a Relationship in Harmony with Who You Are and the Life You Want by Susan Mayginnes MA. For Susan, relationships have been a lifelong studyPurple evening dresses and she has supported thousands of people in having truly extraordinary relationships. Along the way she has developed a unique body ofRed evening dresses work that combines the best of what she discovered in her research of the many methods and teachings available on relationships, as well as insights and methods Susan has developed through her years of work with couples and in her own relationships. Click here to learn more >>>

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Marriage 2
33 Compelling Conversations for Living Successfully With the One You’re in Love With!
We started this project as “Marriage 2.0″ as an idea for a new approach to relationships, but we quickly realized that it was about the things couples must talk about in order for their relationship to go well. These conversations will take you on a journey of designing a relationship that is a fit for who you are, who your partner is, and the personal and professional lives you wish to lead. Click here to learn more >>>